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9 Tips To Improve Your DESIGN And Attract More Readers!

Hey, Y'all! Today I wanted to share with you ways to improve your web or blog design to attract more readers and to keep them coming back for more and...possibly make more MONEY, HONEY! I have learned through trial and error and through a couple of "design experts" on how to enhance my design layout to gain more readers and how to keep them on my site. So, here are 9 tips to get you started...

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10 Tips for Beginners in Designing

Like many people on the Internet, I’m a self-taught graphic designer. I’ve never taken a graphic design course in my life, and in my opinion, it’s a strength. Design is something you can definitely learn yourself, and there’s a wealth of information available on the Internet to do it. This collection of graphic design tips especially for a beginner designer will shortcut a lot of learnings that I’ve picked up over the years through trial and error!


Layout Mandatory Assignment

One of the Ingredients a Good Design must have…

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I’m currently brainstorming for the next mandatory assignment. The task is to design the layout of the fictional cookbook “The Art Of Boiling Water”, showing examples of how some of the pages should look.

I did some research on grid systems for inspiration:




And looked at cookbook recipe layouts..

Sources: Meat Pie, Scrap book, Custard tart4, Soup

Now it’s sketching time…

Until the next post,


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5 Things Successful Freelancers do

​When observing the successful freelance designer (or, let’s be honest here, small business owner) there quickly emerges a solid anthropological pattern of behavior that all professional artists act out in their natural habitat. Upon spending several years living with and communicating with these marvelous beings, we’ve discovered some tried and true things that all super successful designers partake in. All of the below can be done swiftly and stylishly online and implemented into existing daily habits of living the successful designera for life


Skillshare: best online School for Everyone

Hey, Guys I just want to share this website with you just because I know that everyone wants a new knowledge about anything within a budget.So I recently came across with this site called SKILLSHARE. It's just basically an online Classroom where you can enroll to classes It may be Free or Paid but within a budget that all of us can afford.

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Why I don’t Use Too MANY Hashtags and Why it’s not helping your BIZ either by

UNSURE IF YOU SUFFER FROM HASHTAG EXCESSIVE SYNDROME? Are you using more than 4 hashtags in a post? Instead of hashtagging in your caption, you put your hashtags in a comment? You are using hashtags as a growth strategy? You feel without hashtags you won’t be able to grow a following? If any of these… Continue reading Why I don’t Use Too MANY Hashtags and Why it’s not helping your BIZ either by

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Simplify Your Content Strategy By Cole Hennen

As content creators, simplifying our content strategy can feel like the last thing that we should be doing if we want to make an impact online. With new articles appearing every day informing us about the next big thing that we have to be doing, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of trying to juggle one hundred plates at once.