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Top 5 Designer Resources

A photo by Aidan Meyer.

Hi, Guys So today I just Want to share my Biggest And Ultimate List of Designer Resources I’m going to Expose!

1. Creative Market

This thing keeps me surprising every Week! with their Free Goods… Uhhh their are so Sh*t as in! So the Creative Market Give freebies every week in Pacific Time and as you set an account you can sell different things like mock-ups and fonts or even logo’s. So I want you to check out their site also if  you buy from my referral link you can get a Discount. So What are you waiting for? Also the Check out the Flat lay Photos !

2. Canva Design School

This things also keeps me rocking hard baby! this is the blog of canva which gives a tons of tips and tricks also.

3. Pixel Buddha

This is a bit much like creative market but there are also more tons of tings wait did I say MORE! by the way like mock ups to fonts everything to your limits. Pixel Buddha’s resources on this site mostly represent graphic and other useful and absolutely free products. They are available for personal and commercial use, including software, web, apps, templates and themes.

4. Behance

This thing is hub for designers believe me! not only for design but for opportunity likewise they had said …

“Behance is a rapidly growing design-centric
technology team based in New York City.”

As a unique business unit within Adobe, we’re crafting the future of creative workflow. Our talented team of designers and developers work hand-in-hand, leveraging the latest technologies and design thinking to create revolutionary products that connect and empower the creative world.

5. The Design Blog

The Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world, with the main focus on young designers / students.

So, What Do You Think is the Best Resources for Designers? also do you know more? let me know down there


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