3 Easy Step by Step on How to Create Your Blog Graphics

Scrolling down with my phone reading some pins of Ladyboss Creatives and The Blogging Squad and came across to a blog post that tells about Pinterest as far as you know I’m a beginner in the world of  blogging and then came across to my brain to write about my graphics and how do I make them

So now designer! Yes, you! Here are some “behind the curtain” of how I make my blog graphics :O

1. Choosing the Platform to use
There are tons of platforms out on the internet but for me, Canva and Picmonkey are both Great for those who are “exploring” or such in a rush. But, I would recommend Photoshop but keep in mind this might take a cost because of the monthly or yearly pay but I guarantee Photoshop is the best for advanced bloggers though Indesign Might outdo it ;D

2. Know the Document Structure
so here is an example of my Blog Graphic from my last Blog post


So The Structure of my Blog Graphics are Simple the Title which is the biggest of ’em all

The Logo or the Blog Name so that I can assure that This is my Work and This is my Design.

3. Follow the Design Principles
design principles is the principles that designers must follow when creating a successful and badass design works.

Are you ready to create your Badass Blog Graphic?


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